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About this site:
This site has been built to web standards which means it will work and display properly on all modern, standards compliant browsers. In effect this means version 5 browsers and above.

This site validates to XHTML 1.0 transitional and CSS1.

Designing to web standards means the site has basic accessibility built in. The site has a facility to increase the type size and contrast of the text: use the type size style switcher at the top to change between styles.

Help with printing
Websites are designed for screens and not for print and so there is usually a size difference when trying to print the screen onto an A4 sheet of paper; this means that some content may be cut-off the edge. Most modern browsers have a ‘shrink to fit’ feature for printing web pages. If your broswer does not have this feature (this is the case for Windows Internet Explorer users) you can alter your browser’s print margins to fit the page onto A4. This feature can be found under ‘File’ > ‘Page set-up’. Alternatively set the paper orientation to landscape rather than the default of portrait.

As this site is built using web standards it makes use of background colours and images that show on screen but may not print. Most browsers have a feature to over-ride this in their print dialogue boxes. Windows Internet Explorer users can set background colours and images to print via ‘Tools’ > ‘Internet options’ > ‘Advanced’ and make sure the ‘Print background colors and images’ check box is ticked.

If you have any comments, queries or feedback about this site please email us.