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This week we’ve recently received a large donation from the staff at Blubbr TV and have asked us to do a small promotional piece for them on our website which I would say is not a problem atall! Blubbr is a newly developed small team of product reviewers based in London in the United Kingdom who specialize in reviewing a range of products and producing many ‘Best of’ lists, primarily based in the sports and health niches. Their most recent studies revolve around Running Machine Reviews and are currently offering a limited edition Roger Black Treadmill as part of a treadmill competition, for details on that you will need to contact them as we do not run their offers. Again, thank you Blubbr TV for your generous contribution to our cause and we wish you all the best.

Wondering what to do with this new machine? Here is a few treadmill workouts for effective results, content provided by Blubbr. Losing weight on a treadmill is becoming more popular than ever mainly because of the ease of using it and also the treadmill exercises are equally effective to running, jogging and brisk walking. Whether you are a beginner or a regular person in doing workouts, there are different types of effective treadmill workouts for all. Treadmills have different types of workouts like hill exercises, fat burning exercises or personal training along with the benefit of measuring the heart rate. Below are some of the essential workouts using treadmill for all.


Roger Black Treadmill Workout

For a beginner: Start with the 40-minute beginner workout in the treadmill. This will combine running and walking giving your body the essence of speed and distance along with maintaining the heart. You would need a routine duration of 40 minutes with changing the inclination to 2-3 and increasing the speed from 1.5 to 3.5 minutes within the 4-7 minutes of time. But you must adjust your body to running and walking in a treadmill according to time. Slowly increase the speed and inclination with each workout training. This is very effective as it will break the entire workout session into small chunks.

The 500 calorie workout technique: If you can find about 40-60 minutes daily to perform high-interval workout using treadmill, then you will surely burn up to 500 calories. But this has to be done at least four to five times a week for effective result.

Walk-jog workout: After getting used to working on a treadmill, you must try out the mixture of walking and jogging which is an alternative to actual jogging, running and walking briskly. This is very effective when you have less time in your hand and this mixture helps to burn up to 300 calories.

Weight Loss Shuffle: This is a perfect substitute for people who do not like to go out for running. Before starting this, do a 3-5 minutes warm up every time at a steady pace in the treadmill. Then turn to the left and shuffle for about 0.5- 1 minute before turning to the right and shuffling for another 0.5-1 minute. After doing it on one of the sides face forward and jog for about 3-4 minutes before turning to the other side. While doing this exercise, avoid crossing your feet over one another. After doing this for about 30 minutes, keep jogging for a few more minutes to cool down.

Pyramid intervals: Pyramid interval workout is a combination of different types of exercises performed in intervals. Start with easier exercises like walking in a pace of 30-40 seconds and then slowly proceed to harder ones like running. Repeat it in intervals to increase your metabolism rate and burn calories. By changing the speed for running every minute will help you burn calories very fast. For effective results, such highly intensive workouts must be performed for at least 3-4 times a week.


Roger Black Treadmills

You can achieve the desired result in losing weight if you follow theses varying techniques and effectively workout in a treadmill on a regular basis.

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